Member Benefits

Your dues support all FVWC programs, some more than others. Funds primarily support the programs that benefit all of our FVWC alums. Events are mostly self-funded, with the exception of publicity costs, if any. Our fiscal year begins in July, so we need your support now. Here are a few of the ways your dues will support the club this year and benefit you:

Wellesley College Book Awards: cost $25 per book and are only funded by our club. We give the award in 22 high schools within the FVWC admissions region. This helps the Wellesley College attract competitive candidates from our area.

Wellesley College Scholarship Fund, each year the FVWC provides a student with approximately $10,000 as part of her financial aid package, which comes from our FVWC endowment income. Your dues replenish the endowment fund principal.  This is a significant part of your dues support.

Your support is vital to promoting the Club’s mission:  (i) to create and foster a true community that provides unique social and intellectual opportunities for Wellesley alumnae in the Fairfield Villages geography; and (ii) to drive awareness and promote understanding among local high school students, their parents, and institutions of the premier women’s college in the U.S. and the unique benefits of a Wellesley education.

Send your name, postal address and email address along with your Annual Dues, to provide your support for a vibrant and active Club!

Summa Cum Laude Member: $100
Magna Cum Laude Member: $50
Cum Laude Member (Basic): $35
Recent Grads ('07-'10): Gratis!
Honorary Member (Class of '59 or earlier): Gratis!

Please also indicate if, in addition to Annual Dues:

You want to sponsor a Book Award (additional $25)
You want to donate to the Club’s Scholarship Fund.